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Sneaky peek at Claire + Richards Somerset Wedding

Here’s a sneaky quick peek at a few of the images from Claire and Richards fabulous  wedding! There’s a castle, a vintage double decker bus, a cream tea and a barn dance on a farm – what more could you want from a wedding day?


Ceremony venue: Banwell Castle

Double Decker bus hire from Crossville Motor Services

Reception venue: Court Farm Country Park

Flowers by Emma Petersson Designer Florist


My 2016 in Pictures

Here are a few of my favourite images I’ve taken over 2016 – some are work assignments and some are just for my own pleasure 🙂

Dismaland Bemusement Park, Weston-super-Mare

I love living in Weston-super-Mare, I know the place gets bad press, in the way most seaside resort towns do – people say it’s run-down, full of bad types, nothing to do, a beach of mud etc…. but I love it!  I was more than happy to settle here with my husband when I left the RAF in 2012, to be living 10 minutes away from a couple of great beaches, close to Bristol and on the doorstep of the some of the most beautiful parts of this country, with Somerset, Devon and Cornwall within easy reach.  So when Banksy chose the unused Tropicana outdoor pool on Weston seafront to be the home to his latest pop-up exhibition Dismaland, I was slightly excited, to say the least – this is the biggest thing to have happened to Weston-super-Mare since the old pier burnt down in 2008, and has got people from all over the world talking about our little seaside town, even bringing such stars as Brad Pitt, Jack Black and Jon Taylor of Duran Duran (my teenage crush!!) to Weston.  To think that Brad Pitt now knows where Weston is just blows my mind! Banksy has curated hundreds of pieces of art from more than 50 different artists from across the world, to have so many pieces of superb work, in such a small area, just minutes from my house is just superb.

A few months ago I was driving along the seafront, past the old Tropicana, as I often do, and noticed there was some building work going on up on the roof.  Now the state and future of the Tropicana, which closed down a couple of decades ago, is a constant topic of conversation in this town, with people constanly nagging the local Council to get it back up and running.  So to see work going on inside, I was intrigued.  Local social media groups and online forums began to talk, especially when some caravans appeared on a sports pitch in town, and the story appeared that the Tropicana was to be used as a set for a crime thriller film by the production company “Grey Fox” and the caravans were crew accommodation. Over the next few months things began to appear over the top of the Tropicana, a truck sculpture, ferris wheel and a horse made out of scaffolding – and we all began to wonder “what kind of film set is this??” Then, mid-august the rumour hit that it was a Banksy Exhibition called Dismaland – people linked to Banksy had been seen around the Tropicana, and there were also link between “Grey Fox” and Banksy and Dismaland.  The local paper, The Weston Mercury were given a hammering in the social media for (apparently) not knowing what was going on, and then finally they were allowed to break their silence and reveal the massive secret that they’d had to keep, and had the honour of officially revealing to the world that Banksy, the local boy from Bristol, was definitely coming to Weston, and had returned to the Tropicana, where he used to spend his summer holidays.  The Mercury were also able to give away 1000 free tickets to a special “locals only” day before the place was opened to the general public – I was gutted that I was working away that day!  I managed to get down there 3 days after it opened (in the very appropriately dismal pouring rain) and was blown away by the work there.  My images don’t do it justice, and if you’ve been fortunate enough to visit, then you’ll know what I mean – the atmosphere is indescribable and everywhere you look there is something to catch your eye, and maybe make you stop and think. I went back again the following week with my husband, to see it at night, superb.  Enjoy the photos below, and if you want to see my full galley please visit http://www.heidiburtonphotography.co.uk/Images/Banksy-Dismaland-WSM

And If you want to have a look at Banksys Death on a dodgem piece, you can view a video here: https://youtu.be/K9s30bXQkqs

Tarantella Italian Restaurant Google Maps Business View Tour

I produced a Google Maps Business Views Tour at Tarantella Italian Restaurant, St James Street, Weston-super-Mare – I love the gorgeous coloured lighting across the top, so pretty!  Go and have a quick spin 🙂

Heidi Burton, Weston-super-Mare Photographer

Red Bull Pronationals MX Round 2

18th – 19th May saw Round 2 of the Red Bull Pronationals MotoX held on Weston-super-Mare beach for the first time. It was a superb weekend, and I’m already looking forward to when it comes back next year!


If you would like to order any of these images they will be available at http://www.heidiburton.com

Dudeoir with Rhys

You’ve heard of “Boudoir” photo shoots haven’t you?  Where normal girls get to be a model for a while during a photo shoot, and end up with some photos of them looking stunning to grace their (or their other halfs!) wall.  Well, the new thing is “Dudeoir” – the blokes version, where a guy can get some keepsake images of him looking his very best, an ideal gift for the significant other in his life!

If you are interested in a Dudeoir shoot, either for yourself, or you man, then please get in touch via the Contact page.

The gallery of images below is a selection from a shoot with Rhys, a ballroom dancer from Weston-super-Mare, we had a great hour and a half shooting in various locations around Weston, and got some fab images.


So, it’s not quite as glamorous as some of my previous photographic locations, but it’s still full of photogging potential, and I have come to love my adoptive home town (by marriage)  over the years of coming here!

These are a selection of images taken over the past few months, on a variety of subjects from the Grand Pier, to some frosty woodland close-ups – enjoy!