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Creative Women in the South West – Janie Burnett-Bleach

After a bit of a break for a work trip away in October, I’m continuing my series of photo essays on creative women in the South-West of the United Kingdom with some images of Janie Burnett-Bleach, a fantastic mixed-media artist who lives in a wonderful nature reserve in Martock, Somerset.

Janie produces mixed media pantings and sells only original works of art, it’s extremely important to her that each piece is completely original and different.  She also makes free-motion embroidered accessories, and teaches arts and crafts mixed media workshops to all ability levels from beginners through to advanced.

I asked Janie when and how she began producing her unique work, she said “I have been crafting or producing art for as long as I can remember, as a child I never wanted to do anything other than be an artist and could always be found surrounded by paper, paint and a wide array of other mediums. After college and university I worked on art in various forms part time whilst working full time until my 40th birthday when I decided I had to take the plunge into full time artist.”

Janies work is inspired by the natural world, in particular the nature reserve where she lives.  She also finds inspiration in the mixture of mediums which she works with, experimenting and mixing them within one picture, creating texture, interesting surfaces and finishes”

“Looking to the future, I plan to continue with my mixed media painting and put an emphasis on teaching others in workshops. I am also working on building a design portfolio in the crafting world where I currently have my own clear stamp range. I work hard to bring the crafting and the art worlds together as very often they are seen as two different entities. I will also be doing some traveling in 2018 to further inform my work and subject matter.

You can follow Janies work on her Facebook page www.facebook.com/janiebboriginals