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My 2016 in Pictures

Here are a few of my favourite images I’ve taken over 2016 – some are work assignments and some are just for my own pleasure 🙂


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

One of the best bits about coming out of the RAF is that I get to live with my husband in his home town of Weston-super-Mare.  I first started coming to Weston after I met my now husband, just after the old pier burnt down in late 2008.  Since that time a lot of work has gone on on the seafront, the new Grand Pier was built and opened a couple of years ago, areas in front of the pier have been pedestrianised, there’s new restaurants and play areas for kids, and there’s a big wheel, carousel and chair-o-planes right on the Beach Lawns.  And now the weather has picked up, Weston is coming into it’s own, and it’s fantastic to see how much it’s picked up over the years, and it’s getting more popular by the day.

Weston-super-Mare photographer

Night Shots in Weston

Last night I went out with the intention of trying to get some images of star trails, and possibly catch the asteroid skimming across the night sky, but I’d got all set up in a dark corner of the Worlebury golf course and taken a couple of test shots when some low cloud rolled over and ruined everything!  so I decided to take my camera down to the seafront and get a couple of shots of the pier instead, and whilst grabbing a shot from Knightstone I turned and realised how pretty Marine Lake looked at night, which is the image I posted as my 15th Feb “Photogging 365” image last night.

There’s only a couple of images, but I hope you like them.


So, it’s not quite as glamorous as some of my previous photographic locations, but it’s still full of photogging potential, and I have come to love my adoptive home town (by marriage)  over the years of coming here!

These are a selection of images taken over the past few months, on a variety of subjects from the Grand Pier, to some frosty woodland close-ups – enjoy!