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Lacock Abbey visit

The problem with self-employment is that if you’re not careful you can find yourself feeling like you can’t stop – if you’re not working, then you’re marketing and doing all the admin that comes with running a business.  So I made a decision the other week that I would take a day off, and actual full day off, on a weekday too, and took myself off on a day trip out.  It wasn’t totally a day off from photography though as I decided to take a trip to Lacock Abbey and village, near Chippenham, which is the place where William Henry Fox Talbot produced one of the first (if not the first) photographic negative. Although I’ve been a photographer now for nearly 20 (yes, 20!) years, I’ve never got around to visiting Lacock, and as I now live around an hours drive away it was time I made the trip.

03102017-Lacock Abbey-002

The Latticed Window – replica camera and negative

Lacock Abbey was the family home of William Henry Fox Talbot, and is now owned and maintained by the National Trust.  Inside the main entrance there is a fascinating small museum dedicated to Fox Talbot and the early days of photography – I found it interesting to hear that he started his experiments in capturing and image due to the fact that he couldn’t draw or paint as well as his wife and daughter.  I also got into photography as I’m 03102017-Lacock Abbey-004pretty rubbish at drawing, so photography is one way of creating without having to try and learn to paint! The museum also holds some interesting items and images related to photography over the years since Fox Talbot created his images, including a gold Nikon camera!

Whilst I was there, there was also an exhibition upstairs in the museum entiled “Drawn to the Land” with images by Sophie Gerrard, documenting 6 women living and working in the most remote parts of Scotland. Some stunning images, and I ended up chatting to a lovely couple and giving them a few hints and tips on photography whilst we wandered around looking at Sophies images 🙂

Wandering around the Abbey, it’s a beautiful place, and of course the part I really wanted to see was the lattice window, made famous as the subject of the oldest negative in existence.

03102017-Lacock Abbey-093

It was very strange to be stood in the same spot as Fox Talbot, and to think that if this invention had turned out differently, who knows what job I would be doing, and to think that from this point back in 1835, came the life of images we have today. Photography and all things that have evolved from it have advanced so rapidly, this photo below (grabbed quickly on my mobile phone) is an interesting representation of who far we’ve come, we take so many more photos in 30 seconds, than were taken in the whole of the 1800’s.  Everyone has a camera in their pocket, and the quality is getting better with each new phone that comes out.  The photo below was taken on my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone – not bad, eh?



It was quite something standing there, looking at the same window, and taking the same photo that was taken all those years ago.

The Abbey itself is such a lovely place, there’s so much to see, not only the furnished family rooms, but also the unfurnished abbey rooms, which open out into the cloisters.  I found it interesting, reading some of the signs around the place, that some of the external walls were taken out in the 1800’s to create a romantic ruin which opened up onto the main grounds. These walls have since been replaced, but I can imagine how beautiful it must have all looked.

After a walk around the Abbey itself I also took a stroll through the grounds, which were looking beautiful as all the crocus were coming out, the daffodils and snowdrops were still around just about.  There were signs that in a few weeks it could be bluebell central – maybe I should book myself another day off!

Below are a couple of panoramas I shot whilst there, well worth a quick spin!


My 2016 in Pictures

Here are a few of my favourite images I’ve taken over 2016 – some are work assignments and some are just for my own pleasure 🙂

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

One of the best bits about coming out of the RAF is that I get to live with my husband in his home town of Weston-super-Mare.  I first started coming to Weston after I met my now husband, just after the old pier burnt down in late 2008.  Since that time a lot of work has gone on on the seafront, the new Grand Pier was built and opened a couple of years ago, areas in front of the pier have been pedestrianised, there’s new restaurants and play areas for kids, and there’s a big wheel, carousel and chair-o-planes right on the Beach Lawns.  And now the weather has picked up, Weston is coming into it’s own, and it’s fantastic to see how much it’s picked up over the years, and it’s getting more popular by the day.

Bristol street art by Heidi Burton, Weston-super-Mare Photographer

Bristol Street Scenes

Last week I had a day in Bristol, primarily to shoot the Bristol street art along Nelson Street in the city centre.  It was a cold day, but good to get out and about with my camera.  I hope you enjoy the images!

Weston-super-Mare photographer

Night Shots in Weston

Last night I went out with the intention of trying to get some images of star trails, and possibly catch the asteroid skimming across the night sky, but I’d got all set up in a dark corner of the Worlebury golf course and taken a couple of test shots when some low cloud rolled over and ruined everything!  so I decided to take my camera down to the seafront and get a couple of shots of the pier instead, and whilst grabbing a shot from Knightstone I turned and realised how pretty Marine Lake looked at night, which is the image I posted as my 15th Feb “Photogging 365” image last night.

There’s only a couple of images, but I hope you like them.

South Atlantic Wildlife

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be sent to the wonderful Falkland Islands for 4 months.  I was there in my RAF Photographer role, but had plenty of opportunity to get out and about to see some of the stunning scenery and fantastic wildlife.


So, it’s not quite as glamorous as some of my previous photographic locations, but it’s still full of photogging potential, and I have come to love my adoptive home town (by marriage)  over the years of coming here!

These are a selection of images taken over the past few months, on a variety of subjects from the Grand Pier, to some frosty woodland close-ups – enjoy!