The Ring of Anhur

A few months ago I had a very mysterious phone call from a gentleman looking to book my photographic services. He was very cagey about what it was he wanted photographing, and would only tell me over the phone that it was a highly polished, engraved item, and a challenge to photograph without reflections ruining the detail of the engraving. I suggested that he brought it over to me and I would do a test shot to check he was happy with what I could do, before he committed to booking me, and when I saw the item I was even more intrigued about what it could be. It was a circular object, around 8 inches across, made from solid bronze, engraved with interesting symbols and hieroglyphic style symbols, and polished to a mirrorlike finish. The client didn’t want to give too much away about the nature of the disc, so I just took a test shot, and he left and I emailed a copy over to him to check he was happy with the results. 

The Ring of Anhur

The Ring of Anhur

Which he was – so he booked me for a full studio session to get the shots he wanted, and this time he was prepared to give me a little more information on the story of the disc (or rather, two discs – as it is made up of two interlocking discs, one larger than the other) He told me about a book he has written, called “The Ring of Anhur” a fictional story, a mix of Dan Brown thriller meets Indiana Jones, meets UFOs, and the Ring of Anhur, sat in my studio was the prize in a nationwide treasure hunt, to be buried somewhere in the UK, and the book held clues to its whereabouts – along with questions which would be released at intervals on the website http://www.the ring of -exciting stuff! 

The Ring of Anhur

The Ring of Anhur

Unfortunately I’m not able to enter, as I’m too involved with the project, but if you want more information, visit the website where you can order a copy of the book, and be in with a chance of finding the Ring of Anhur, and get your hands on a cash prize too! (As well as helping 3 charitable causes that will also benefit from the sales of the book)

The Ring of Anhur

The Ring of Anhur


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