The lovely little Louie

A few images from a fab newborn photo session this week.  Little Louie is 2 and a half weeks old, and already adorable!  He behaved so well, although made me work for my images by weeing all over me, and my blanket, then weeing over his mum, and another blanket!  He also refused to go to sleep, staying awake for a good 5 hours – me and his mummy have a sneaking suspicion that he knew that if he went to sleep we’d take the cute sleepy shots of him with his bum in the air, the kind of photo that would be used to embarrass him in front of girlfriends in around 18 years – so he stayed awake to stop that happening!  Oh well, still got lots of cute photos of him, and still managed to get a couple of my hats on him 🙂


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